Collection: People Who Inspired Me

This is a collection of my 7-min researches: Learn about a great person, and keep one image and one quote that I like.

The initiative is inspired by Professor Gary Goldsmith’s in-class exercise. We are asked to learn about the list of designers, architects, and artists, and save one quote and one image that we think could represent the person. I find the exercise effective in broadening my horizons and decided to keep this exercise as a daily routine. I set a new rule - Spend no more than 7 minutes in researching one person. It enables me to go through the biography quickly without drowning in the infinite resources of the Internet, and gives me enough time to comprehend the important information.

Jessica Kairé

I considered the importance of establishing self-care methods to avoid wearout, and the ways in which mundane actions gain new meaning as we see things around us suddenly shifting.

January 3, 2021
Paul Cupido

As Gabriel Rosenstock put it so beautifully, “the gentle art of disappearing”. It is ‘egoless’. It is not about me, not about us, but a deeper universal emotion and connection”.

December 29, 2020
Dan Nessler

Let me smell your stinky.

December 25, 2020
Frank Gehry

So laid back, so not in your face, so just: I'm just exploring things and this is how I explore things. I'm fascinated with the streetscape, so I take pictures of every building on the street and look at it.

December 19, 2020
Edward Ruscha

I just had a personal connection to that span of mileage between Oklahoma and California. It just, it kind of spoke to me.

December 19, 2020
Coco Chanel

Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.

December 19, 2020
Joan Didion

We tell ourselves stories in order to live.

December 19, 2020
Ray Eames

The real questions are: Does it solve a problem? Is it serviceable? How is it going to look in ten years? Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic.

December 19, 2020
Paul Rand

How to present a new idea is, perhaps, one of the designer’s most difficult tasks. Everything a designer does involves presentation of some kind–not only how to explain (present) a particular design to an interested listener (client, reader, spectator), but how the design may explain itself in the marketplace…

December 19, 2020
Paul Williams

Williams, the first licensed African American architect in California, is also famous for another unique skill: his ability to draw upside down. “It was more than a trick, for, as the room developed before his eyes, I would ask for suggestions and for approval of my own ideas. He became a full partner in the birth of that room as I filled in the details of the drawing.”

December 19, 2020
Florence Knoll

I did it because I needed the piece of furniture for a job and it wasn’t there, so I designed it.

December 19, 2020
Lazlo Moholy Nagy

My talent lies in the expression of my life and creative power through light, colour and form. As a painter I can convey the essence of life.

December 19, 2020
John Wooden

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

December 19, 2020
Gary Winogrand

If I saw something in my viewfinder that looked familiar to me, I would do something to shake it up.

December 19, 2020
Maya Lin

I like to think of my work as creating a private conversation with each person, no matter how public each work is and no matter how many people are present.

December 19, 2020
Helmut Krone

I didn't plan out my existence. "I'm going to do this from two years, this for three years, and I'll be a vice president, and so on." I never heard of stock options. All I did was keep y nose on the board. I worked my ass off. I worked just like my father and mother worked.

December 19, 2020
Mies van der Rohe

We should attempt to bring nature, houses, and human beings together in a higher unity.

December 19, 2020