Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Sponsored Project


In team of four, I collaborated with two transportation designers and a product designer, and designed a brand strategy for Stellantis which will be the Dutch-based combined company of French automaker Groupe PSA and Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Stellantis represents the spirit of optimism, energy and renewal of a diverse and innovative company determined to be one of the new leaders in the next era of sustainable mobility.

The sponsored project is instructed by ArtCenter faculties Bradley Arnold, James Chu, and Allen Pinkerton. Teammates: Sandor Boldog, Tony Jehng, Bize Han.


Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator; Keyshot; Procreate


Future transportation, Brand Strategy


2020 Fall


My Responsibilities:

- Helped to set ideating direction from macro to micro, and smoothed the remote collaboration.

- Created the brand strategy that converged all team member's inputs.

- Wrote the brand story, including persona creation and story scripts.

- Created the video using assets that my teammates created. Linked assets together using illustration and animation.

- Shaped the brand aesthetic, video tone, and visual language.

- Created professional presentation templates every week according to our contents which earned recognition. We created over 600 pages of slides in total.

I. Learnings from 2020

From 2020, we are more aware of the problems of sustainability and inequality.

COVID-19 highlighted the deep pre-existing inequities in well-being in the US and other countries. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to understand the inequalities that make poor and marginalized groups more vulnerable and the needs to enhance urban resilience.

Stellantis should build the kind of business that can mark the post-pandemic world:

-Environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive;
-Be the drivers in better management of the global commons—climate, oceans, and settlements— on which all life depends;
-Greater equality, trust, and solidarity.

II. Research & Discovery Summary

Miro Screenshot / Week 1 & 2
Miro Screenshot / Week 3
Miro Screenshot / Week 4
Week 1 Research Overview / Macro Trends Study
Week 1 Research Overview / Competitor SWOT
Week 1 Research Overview / Opportunities
Week 2 Research Overview / Consumer Archetypes
Week 2 Research Overview / Opportunities
Week 3 Research Overview / Brand Value Proposition

From the research, we identified the direction to push forward our study: Future of cities.

Failures and inadequacies in human settlements development have significant impacts on the wellbeing of people. While the investments in housing and infrastructure have made a significant contribution to improving material access to housing, these developments have reinforced the spatial legacy of segregation and inequality. There is a clear need to rethink what integrated human settlements means for the communities and what role does transportation plays.

This will require finding new models and modes of development which create value at the urban scale and in low-income areas.

Futures Wheel
Problem Statement

III. Key Business Drivers

Stellantis, as a company with global vision and social awareness, we ask the following questions:

How might Stellantis enhance the shared prosperity for cities and regions?

How might Stellantis contribute to the future human settlements’ development with mobility solutions?

How might Stellantis make our planet a liveable habitat for everyone?

IV. Introducing Stellantis Brand Strategy

1. Brand Essence:

Aware & Adapt

2. Positioning Statement

Beyond transportation, Stellantis strives to curate a collaboratively sentient society catalyzing different parts of system with different relationships. By creating purposeful togetherness, Stellantis mines the powers and gifts in the neighborhoods and embraces the tomorrow of civic engagement and sustainable environment.

Comparing to other residential settlement solutions, Stellantis highlights the power of transportation system and projects a mobility-centric future landscape where everyone can move and settle freely, and lets the neighborhoods reinvent themselves’ lifestyles. Stellantis does not seek to prescribe an universal solution to the human settlements developments for every region and culture. Instead, it aims to inspire and encourage creative and adaptive practice on the people who are involved in human settlements development.

3. Value Proposition

Good life for everyone, everywhere.

4. Brand Attributes

Brand Attributes
15-Year Roadmap

V. Brand Story Video Creation

1. Context

We choose Lagos, Nigeria as the spatial context for our brand story. Lagos is the economic and cultural powerhouse of Nigeria. It has buoyant culture as well as social problems. Currently, the federal government actively seeks for long term collaboration with other countries and technology companies to solve the Lagosian problems. Through strategic forecasting, rapid growth and intense urban flow will cause decentralised movement toward the satellite cities. People will move and seek for healthier lifestyle, but the uneven growth will become a barrier for people to adapt new place. Stellantis provides ARK system as a new mobility solution to link neighborhood cities, business and people.

SWOT Analysis of Lagos
Nigeria as one of the MINT Countries

2. Personas: Folami and Chiamaka

To convey the brand vision "Good life for everyone, everywhere", we created two personas who are typically thought as "ordinary people". The young couple work hard for their family and future, and Stellantis helps them achieve the good life.

Folami (Husband)
Chiamaka (Wife)


Ⅵ. Final Design

1. Stellantis System

System Overview
Stellantis Hub (Rendering: Sandor Boldog and Tony Jehng)
Three layers of the system
Rendering: Tony Jehng
Rendering: Sandor Boldog and Tony Jehng
Rendering: Sandor Boldog and Tony Jehng

2. Vehicle Design: Ark

Exterior Design: Sandor Boldog
Exterior Design: Sandor Boldog
Exterior Design: Sandor Boldog
Interior Designer: Bize Han
Interior Designer: Bize Han
Interior Designer: Bize Han

Outcome & Reflection

During this 14-week project, I was fortunate to work with three talented and diligent designers. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, all of our work was done in remote collaboration. We found a way to collaborate despite being in different time zones and using software that crossed a wide range. In order to collaborate remotely, each of us made coordination in terms of software usage habits, working hours, etc. It was all thanks to our fortune (yes) that we were so lucky to work with like-minded people who were similarly hard-working just like ourselves. It was pure luck. The collaboration has taught me the importance of teamwork and has made me look forward to great team work.

We received positive comments and helpful suggestions from the instructor throughout the 14 weeks. For me, this constant and positive feedback made me more motivated to polish my work to the best of my ability. I would love to express my gratitude for the feedback from the teachers as well as my teammates who were able to take the feedbacks well and work together to make the design better. It is easy to be good for one week, but it is hard to be consistently good for 14 weeks. I am really proud of us four for being overachievers for the entire 14 weeks.

Skill-wise, I was pushed far out of my comfort zone. For this project, I learned the analytical tools to create a branding strategy, read a lot of literature related to transportation and urban planning, learned After Effects, Keyshot, and illustration. It's always painful when you're being exposed to a brand new knowledge, and I didn't realize I could pick up knowledge from so many areas in a short period of time. My teammates also showed optimism and positivity. To accomodate to the video creation, they tried new rendering styles and software, rendered models into hand-drawn style, and exported animated videos through modeling software for the first time. These processes may have been simpler before the lockdown, but in remote collaboration it becomes hard because we had no way to see each other's work in different softwares directly. From the bottom of my heart, I applaud for ourselves' courage and resilience.

This project is close to my heart. It gives me the best experience of team-working, as well as the confidence to say I am a daring, adaptable and diligent designer.