Park Guard


'Park Guard' is an IoT device that allows dynamic control of parking permissions. The project is for course Creative Technology 1 in fall term, 2019, instructed by Maxim Safioulline and Elise Co. It is a collaborative project with Anthony Espino.


ESP32, 3D Printing, Fusion 360, MicroPython.


IoT, Future cities


2019 Fall


Park Guard is installed on the curb. It is composed of an infrared sensor, which can detects if there’s a car trying to park; an ESP32 & breadboard; a battery holder; two solar panels.

Through the connection with the cloud and the infrared sensor, Park Guard checks whether the car is allowed to park there at a specific time, and the driver will notified via the mobile phone. City administrators can control parking spaces on the web in real time. For example, a street can be set to be non-parking due to a marathon event; or give a block parking permission because the data collected by Park Guard shows the adjacent block is full.

Outcome & Reflection

We raise the following questions through this project:

If there is someone who can control the traffic, who would that be? (LADOT? Technology companies? AI? )
How to use the data? (1, Scheduling the parking based on the congestion situation instead of the time period. 2, Controlling parking validity when there are events such as parade or marathon. 3, Helping make use of idle parking spaces. LA has abundant parking spaces while a lot of them are idle. With the data, we can see in which area the parking spaces are not in use, and come up with some solution. 4, Removing the signage to make the landscape better for pedestrians.)
How does parking signages change the urban landscape?
If there are no parking signages, how will the driver know where to park?
Is it good or bad to change the current way of informing drivers?  
In terms of technology implement, how to push the parking status of a specific parking space to the driver?
Is it too much trouble if you have to park your car before you know if you can park here? How to optimize this workflow?