Skin as Cover


In ‘Skin as Cover’, I explored metaphorical perception. The project is for course Development Project 2 in spring term, 2020, instructed by Kate Parsons.


Fruits(yummy), craft materials, DSLR, lighting kit, Adobe Premiere Pro.


Video, Experiment


2020 Spring


The video tries to visualize the metaphoric language of “skin as cover” and how it can influence burn wound patients. The script is from Skin as Cover: The Discursive effects of ‘covering’ metaphors on wound care practices by Trudy Rudge.

Shot in Wind Tunnel Studio with a self-made lighting kit.

Process Documentation

Outcome & Reflection

I explored the making process in this project and did have some fun, using fruits and craft materials to transform abstract concepts into visual experiences. I enjoy the creativity I forced myself to have when thinking about 100 ways to torture an apple, and the burst of inspirations when I was shopping in the craft store. The filming process was not easy. I made a light box with cardboard together with a tripod and photography lights to form a temporary filming studio. While shooting, I kept putting various materials and fruits together to explore new possibilities. (Usually after taking a few shots, I will eat up the props!)

Overall, I had a chance to play with crafting and making, and add some humor to the scenes. Something I'm not very satisfied with is that I wanted this project to revolutionally change my understanding to video, but in the end I only had some new attempts in videography techniques. My undergrad background is in video production and I think I could make this video back then - Thinking of this makes me want to do better.

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